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Corona Virus

Today, the whole world is suffering from Corona Virus. Many countries ordered lock-down in their countries. For some people who want to know what COVID-19 is? Here, you will know all the details. COVID-19 is the short Form of COrona VIrus Disease 19, it’s a deadly virus that originated from the Wuhan city of the china.

The Corona Virus spread quickly from Wuhan in November 2019, but the whole world thought that its spreads from December 2019. COVID-19 can kill a person within a month, if the patient isn’t treated properly. In the people who have good immunity ,Corona Virus will take more time to show symptoms and being affected by it. There is a good probability that a person suffering from corona virus  will be recovered from this COVID-19.

Now , let’s just take a look at the symptoms:

SYMPTOMS of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)

1.  The temperature of body increase and decreases frequently.

2. Sore throat.

3. Rough Cough with little pain in the throat.

4. Shortness of breath.

5. Cold, cough and headache.

These are the symptoms of Corona Virus. If you have any of these symptoms, that doesn’t necessary you have corona virus, unless you have met with an infectant or you have touched something which was touched by an infected person.

If you have these symptoms, first of all Don’t Panic! You should contact the associated department regarding the Corona Virus, this can be normal viral or some infection in your body. Take precautions at home and maintain Social distancing. Don’t meet other peoples for some days, make yourself in isolation.

How to take precautions or avoid to get in touch with Corona Virus disease, follow these steps listed below:

PRECAUTIONS for Corona Virus Diseases (COVID-19)

1. Avoid Handshaking.

Why? <%2strong>This Corona Virus spreads through touching any object that Carries Corona Virus. Do Namaste instead of handshake.

Corona Virus

2. Regularly Wash Hands.

Why? Washing your hands with a soap and water for at least 30 seconds will remove Corona Virus, If you have it in your hands. Sanitizer Should be the second choice, washing with soap with 10 times better than using a santizer.

Corona Virus


3. Maintain Social Distancing.

Why? Some peoples spread atleast 3000 droplets in air while sneezing, which may contain virus. To avoid getting infected, maintain at least 8 meter of distance between yourself and other peoples.

Corona Virus
                       Social Distancing
4. Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes frequently (Most Important).

Why? Maybe the object you touched contains virus. If you touch your sensitive parts of body, which leads the virus to enter in your body and make you sick.

5. Practice Respiratory hygiene.

Why? Tell your friends or relatives to use it. And it means, while sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth with your bent elbow or with some tissues, to avoid spreading virus from one to Another. After using any tissue, immediately dispose it.

Corona Virus

6. Avoid Contact with old person.

Why? As Young peoples have good immunity and can fight the virus well, but not by the older peoples. If in any a teenager is having virus but it takes time to affect them, but when they meet to older peoples, they might get affected earlier than teenager. Same cases with the peoples with low immunity or peoples having diabetes, thyroid or any other medical problems.

7. Wash vegetable or anything brought from outside.

Why? You don’t know how many peoples touch that same packet of chips or vegetables, may they contains virus and if your don’t wash it properly, might create problem for you.

Corona Virus

8. Wear Masks or a cloth to cover your face.

Why? You should wear a mask or a cloth that cover your face, when you are in market or anywhere outside, to avoid get infected from the peoples near you. There is no need to wear mask at home. Wash them properly after use or dispose them if there are use and throw types.

Corona Virus

This Corona Virus is a pandemic disease and affecting many countries severely. As there is no proper cure yet. So,  the only way is to prevent it, and been in quarantine mode or isolate yourself, if you want to live more.

Eat healthy, eat home cooked food. Before eating anything , wash your hands properly. #StayHome, as much as you can, spend time with family, do video calls, do anything, do learn some stuff, entertain yourself. We all have to cooperate to fight this pandemic affecting virus, which is affecting a lot of lives all over the world.

NIH (National institute of Health) also has also determined the duration of survival of corona virus on different objects and materials.

  • On Copper, it stays up to 4 Hours.
  • Also, on Cardboard or Plywood or any wood substance, it stays up to 24 Hours.
  • On Stainless Steal or any metal surfaces, It Stays up to 2 days or 48 Hours.
  • On Plastic substances, It Stays up to 3 days or 72 Hours.

For more information, you can check on these websites:


Indian GOvt.

NIH (National Institute of Health)


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