Preventing Health threats through lifestyle changes and components of positive lifestyle

positive lifestyle

Positive Lifestyle changes can prevent health threat.

A healthy individual is the need of society and nation. Today many types of health problems have gripped humans like Cardiac-problems, Hypertension, Diabetes, asthma, arthritis, cancer, communicable diseases, postural problems, obesity, polluted environment, accidents, inquiry, etc. A positive lifestyle can lead to preventing your health problems or threats.

The low level of health status is a burden over family, society, and nation whereas a positive health status person is the need of society. It makes the family society and nation is growing more. Negative health status person has to depend on others, moreover, a lot of money is spent by family and nation to improve or maintain his health status. A healthy person has to depend upon many other factors like clean, safe and hygienic surroundings; occupations and its preventive aspects; knowledge of diseases and first aid, understanding, the diet and posture; role of good environment and importance of nature; role of physical activity, recreational, play, rest, sleep and relaxation; health developments and health education, etc.

positive lifestyle

The knowledge of health can be better understood by health education. Health education guides and modifies our behavior towards the optimum development of health. Its knowledge influences our habits, attitude and develops interest towards individual and community health.

Components of a positive lifestyle

Positive lifestyle is to lead a well-balanced life relating to physical health, social health, and emotionally balanced life. There are many components to bring wellness and positive lifestyle, all these components also develop optimum levels of health.

  1. Physical Fitness.

Physically fit person can perform all routine work without any difficulties, it also helps the wellness. Thus one should participate in physical activity, moreover, it is a symbol of wellness and good health.

  1. Personal hygiene and health habits.

Keeping our self-clean and safe from diseases improves our health. Healthy habits of diet, posture, cleanliness etc., all these develop wellness and positive lifestyle.

  1. Medical checkup.

A person should go for the medical checkup from an expert and prevent himself from medical problems.

  1. Good posture.

Maintaining good body shape or good posture improves personality. Good shape and structure prevent postural problems. It reflects good health and positive lifestyle.

  1. Stress management techniques.

Stress and tension reduce health, thus stress management techniques like yoga, practicing, spiritual, guidance. Etc., improve our wellness and healthy lifestyle.

  1. Medical care.

An individual should get proper medical care or medical help during illness, sickness or curing diseases. Everyone should be vaccinated against chronic diseases.

  1. Balanced Diet.

The unbalanced diet, fast food, junk food, cold drink, toffees, candy, etc., are the causes of many chronic problems, whereas a balanced diet improves good health. Drink sufficient water and eat nutritious and fresh food.

  1. No towards intoxicants.

Intoxicants like alcohol, tobacco, drugs reduce our wellness and health. So we should never try or take these in any form.

positive lifestyle

  1. Health Education.

Health education helps to develop optimum wellness and positive lifestyle. It guides our preventive and curative aspects of health problems.

  1. Safe and clean environment.

Pollution, dirt and unsafe environment decay our health. Thus clean, safe and hygiene, environment, improves wellness. So we should clean our surroundings making it safe and hygienic for all.

  1. Proper rest.

Proper rest and sleep should be taken. It provides freshness and active life.

  1. Avoid pollution

Avoid pollution whereas enjoying in the fresh air. It improves health.

  1. Recreate yourself.

Recreate yourself with light playful activity and stay happy.

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