Ever Wonder what girls like most in Men Body? How to impress your crush here you can get all your answers.

Impress your crush

Now the big question in lots of peoples like you or your friend that, “How to Impress your crush?”. “Why they failed again and again?”. They sure have the good body but their dressing sense make their impression bad. This happens because they don’t know that they like or not. Read the below post to get all your answers.

So the very first thing this post is for Single peoples.

Now get to the point, which body part the girls sees in the first look to the men body after face in some cases. So, Dear boys girls also notice you, your personality, your attitude, your body structure and many more. So first thing in your mind What girls see first in you, I am sure you ever wondered about this question right?.

1. Your Chest.

Here, you think now how? So, let me explain to you. It doesn’t depend only on tour chest but on other factors too(read below). If you have the good chest like in shape then it’s awesome. But if you have the lean chest then its ok but in case if you have the bulky or fatty chest then your crush think that you don’t care for your body, what she is expecting of her care from your side.

Impress your crush

2. Your Arms (biceps and triceps).

Now I know many of the people know about it. But ever think why?. Now listen, the first thought comes to mind is power, strength, and gym freak. Now But many peoples don’t know only arms can do nothing it seems that you have taken anything to grow it. To make it look beautiful and in proportion, you have to work on your shoulders to look broad, it will help to impress your crush. And your clothes should fit into it, Don’t wear oversized clothes.

3.  ABS.

These are those which look if you are half nude or do showoff. Most of the girls like ABS, they like to touch and feel those biscuits in the skin. But biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest looks even in the clothes. But if your crush like ABS then you should work on it to impress your crush. I know its a difficult task but once you achieve it then you feel how attractive they are.

Impress your crush

4. Veins

These are the most trolled by Instagram members. That girl’s weakness is that thing blah-blah. It may be true but not most of the girl’s weakness is that thing. Its true some girls like it, it shows the strength and powerfulness in one’s body. But it works in some cases.

So, I hope these tips will help you to impress your crush. Share with your friends to let them know about it.

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