New Men Winter Fashion Trends for the Year 2020

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Every year new seasons come and new fashion trends rise. Also, this year 2020 new winter fashion trends are waiting for you. Get ready to attract the women and look smart, handsome and cool. Winter gives us the opportunity to make more combinations of colors. Winter also makes you warm and by follow the trendy clothes, it will not leave your fashion aside.

Men usually don’t like to wear so many clothes on them, which looks so fluffy or some clothes aren’t fit properly, that doesn’t look good. Let begin with the tour of new winter fashion trends of the year 2020 for MEN.

Let’s begin the Fashion guide with colors.

How to Choose the Best Colour.

In Winter, Shinning Clothes are the worst choice to impress someone. Winter is the season where you can show different combinations with your jackets, Cardigan, Pullovers. Choosing the best suitable color is a difficult task, it can be judged by the outside weather, skin-tone, and occasion.

fashion trend

You can choose the evergreen color black, white and most trendy in those days is brown. These are some common colors you can choose to wear anywhere, doesn’t matter what the occasion is or what weather it is, not only brown, but it can also be chocolate brown, light brown, rusty brown. Now let’s talk about according to skin color and hair color.

With the brown color jackets, you can combine blue jeans, it can be dark blue, solid blue, rugged dark wash blue. There a tip for you inside the jacket you can add anything of white color or black color, it looks classy.

What Type of Jacket?

There are many types of jackets like Bomber Jacket, leather, Jacket Suede Material jacket. I’ll explain them in detail.

Old School Biker jacket

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This type of jacket is old fashioned. But now these days, this will again come in fashion trends in which, there is a collar of v-shaped and some shinning zips or buttons added to make it more attractive. Under this type of Jacket, we can add a solid color t-shirt or some good graphics t-shirt or some High neck inners.

Basic Leather Jacket

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So, here the best fashion trend jacket from all the time that can be wear on any occasion like, at the party, at casual meets or anywhere else. So, the Leather jacket can be chosen based on color and design and also fitting. Some peoples wear a loose jacket which doesn’t look good. Always wear clothes which suit and fit you. A black leather jacket has some pros that can be wear over any shirt or any T-shirt or High neck.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets are the best jacket to wear on any occasion. This type of jacket is a traditionally short length on the waist-line. Bomber jackets are the fashion trends from the years and usually recognize as having ribbed waist-band and matching cuffs. Also, they have side pockets and a plain flat round collar and zipper on the front to open it or have more style. Bomber jackets also made using polyesters, lining, and cotton, also leather jackets can be designed to a bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are warmer, they will be kept you warm under extreme cold climatic conditions. Some bomber jackets are made with little feather design inside which will make you feel comfortable, soft and warmer.


Cardigan is one of the jackets, which can be wear when the climate is not so cold, like from February or March. This jacket is called with different names like shrugs, shawl wear. This type of jacket is already famous in the United States or British countries but it is the new fashion trend in India.

Knitted Sweaters

Knitted wears also come in a new fashion trend, where the sweater is of basic color but the way it is stitched, it will give a pattern to the sweater. These sweaters can be seen far away and we can see the texture of the sweater when it comes closer. There are some elaborate knitted sweaters where some designs and some textures are made on an extra layer of the sweater.

Turtle Neck

This is an old fashion sweater or casual fit, But now, from this year it is becoming the new fashion trend for men. This type of outfit can be worn at any party or special occasion. Turtle Neck is suitable with any jacket or any suits. If you want a little formal with a little casual look, then go for turtle neck, it will give you the look you want. Turtle neck come in two variants, High TurtleNeck and Low Turtle Neck, wear according to the occasion. Low turtle neck shows the chill, casual, funky look and high turtle neck gives you the Formal and classy look.

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