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Top 10 Hairstyles To Get Attractive Look.

Here, we have many types of hairstyles in this world, but can’t even count because everyone can make a new hairstyle everyday, Hairstyle is important part to look attractive and beautiful. Everyone wants the best hairstyle that suit on him and makes him ravishing. 

So, we selected top 10 men hairstyles for you guys, so that you can made your choice according to you and select the best suitable hairstyle for you hairs. These hairstyles are on trend and you need not to worry for your straight, curly, waves hairs.

 1. Short Undercut

attractive women

The short undercut combines the long hair and short hairs with the side shaved and the short hairs at the top is getting backwards or left or right with a little pomade with the gel.The way you take your top short hairs to backwards or left or right its quite challenging with the short hairs. but makes you look really good and u can enjoy a subtle style.

2. Half pony Undercut 

attractive women

Perhaps you are looking to keep the long hair with your undercut but in a more restrained, modern context. The half-pony is still as popular as it has been for the past couple of years, most of the peoples with this cut looks more stylish and attractive to womenIt is the best option for those who wants hairs in backwards and want long hairs to control on their head.

3. Classic Quiff – The Elvis Cut

attractive women

The traditional quiff adds volume to a guy’s hair. The Quiff cut will make the man look attractive due to the forward strands of hairs are covered with the wax or stylish gel. The top middle hairs are push forward to the front hairs which are puffed. The sides are combed backwards with shorter cut. if this cut is done properly, people see it as the “evolution” of the crew cut. 

4. Side Part – The Professional Cut 


The side part is a type of haircut in which comb over that’s split somewhere in the left/right sections of your scalp. Hair on either side is swept according to its natural direction. It is used by those buys office guys who don’t wants to waste their time to comb. This men’s hairstyle has always been relevant and looks simply stylish in industries. Male models do fashion shows with a side part because it looks chic.

5. Classic Pompadour 

attractive women

The trending hairstyle used by those men or boys who want their hairs to looks more wider and quiff. The neater you maintain, attractive you look. The pompadour requires the hard wax or stylish gel to hold them into the front. The sides are getting little shorter to get the top hairs look more wider. The side view is look like a cone or shark’s fin. It may have a hard part if u want, and you will look hotter and attractive.

6. Medium Hair on top and Short Sides

attractive women

The sides are get shorter and low skin fade with the medium hairs on top. This free hairstyle is usually used on summer to get away from sweat during outside. Coupled with a cool beard, this look will make the girls swoon. This can attract women when your playing or go onto date.

7. Slicked Back Cut 

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This haircut is used by those who want long hairs with the backwards look. the key to making sure it looks polished is to use a quality hair product to tame the longer proportions up top.The sides are skin trimmed with shorter hairs to make the difference with the top long hairs. A hair gel product will ensure the cut looks more structured while maintaining a relaxed reference to the past. This gives man a decent look with the stylish hairs.

8. Modern Hawk with Low Burst Fade

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The Mohawk is applied on the top of the hairs with the sides are skin trimmed to the low burst fade. The Mohawk is applied with the comb through your hair in an upwards motion. This hairstyle required the styling wax and gel in order to get the pomade look. The sides are also cut with scissors in order to maintain the low burst fade. This may can attract to women in club or pub or in any event.

9. Mid Fade with Side Part with Long Fringe

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The hairstyle is trending now days with long hair fringe and sides are trimmed with mid fade which means you can have 2-5 setup. This has medium hairs on top and having a long fringe at one side either left or right. This also has a hard part opposite to which the fringe is made. This can give attractive look to women as with long hairs on one side.

10. Skin Fade With Messy Hairs like Wave.

attractive women

It consists of messy hairs at top and waves like hairs, styled by a wax or styling gel. This has the side with low skin fade. At the back the hairs are slightly trimmed with the matched setup of top hairs. This has the pomade at the front and which may you hotter that women love to watch. 

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