Ban Tiktok In India. Trending hashtag on twitter. Reasons behind this.

ban tiktok in india

From the past few weeks, TikTok vs YouTube Controversy gone viral when Carryminati made the video on cringe content and exposed Amir Siddiqui on Youtube. Before carryminati, Elvish yadav exposed Revolver rani and Amir siddiqui. Now, In India ban TikTok is very trending on twitter as #bantiktokinindia with 25.2K tweets.

Also, few Tiktok stars made some controversial videos, showing that Why TikTok is better than YouTube. But After there content gone viral, Some YouTubers more than 6 Million Subscribes came into action and made an opposing vides. Moreover, CarryMinati made the most controversial video on YouTube Titled “YouTube vs TikTok: The End” that took the social media by storm. After his vidoe got deleted by YouTube. To know Why and want to Full Story. Click here.. “FULL STORY TIKTOK VS YOUTUBE

About Faizal Siddiqui

Faizal Siddiqui is a TikTok star with more than 13 million followers on Tiktok and more than 440K followers on Instagram. He is basically a social media influencer and prince of Nawab team among his followers and lives in Thane (city in Maharashtra). Nawab teams includes his brother Amir Siddiqui who was roasted badly on Youtube by carryminati, Doll Daundar, Tanveer Qureshi and Soumya Duandkar (sister of Doll Duandkar).

Now, talkng about Ban TikTok in India, Why this so trending on twitter. Few days ago, After Amir Siddiqui got badly roasted By Carryminati with more than 17 million Subscribers. His Brother Faizal Siddiqu), Shared a video on TikTok on Acad attack on women, and influencing people for crime against women. After the video gone viral in crimes scene against women. Police Files FIR against Faizal Siddiqui for promoting acid attack on women.

WHY Ban TikTok in India?

Ban TikTok has been a top trend on twitter, after The National Commission for Women (NCW) wrote to video-sharing social networking service TikTok over a video by Faizal Siddiqui, “allegedly glorified acid attack on women, a sections of social media users demanding ban TikTok in India”

Social media such as Instagram, and the most used the celebrities and other communities Twitter has many videos against cyber crime and portraying crime against women. Similarly ,a video made by Faizal Siddiqui that suggest videos made glorifying rape and aminal abuse. Here how, Twiiter reacted and using Hashtag Ban tiktok in india #Bantiktokinindia.

Reaction By NCW Head, crime against women.

ban tiktok in india

Also, in the video message, the NCW Head Rekha Sharma said: ” I came across a social media post which said, a man named Faizal Siddiqui uploaded a video which appeared to be glorifying acid attack. Taking cognizance to this matter, I have already written to the Director General of Maharashtra Police to take the appropriate actions.”


Ban TikTok in India is trending due to a acid attack video by Faizal Siddiqui. Rekha Sharma Head of NCW also wrote to Anuj Bhatia, who is Grievance officer at TikTok India, that Video be removed immediately, and the person’s ID be blocked by authorities. Also, she added, “I appreciate TikTok India for making good steps. But I also want such peoples should not be given any social media platform who promote crime against women. The Commission is serioulsy concerned about the increase in crimes against the women, and the video not only seems to promote violence but also shows patriarchal mindset.

Faizal Replied NCW on Instagram

Faizal Wrote a message saying that ” My intentions was not hurt anyone…” In addition to this, he said, the girl in the video is a professional makeup artist and has collaborated with him several times. He said that her makeup is just a way of projecting art and that make up in no way, represents a victim of an acid attack”.

Faizal also, clarified that he shared a full video a month ago but now i don’t know why people are making a fuss about it.Maybe because of on going TikTok vs Youtube rivalry that people are trying to capitalize it. He also said, it was just the water not an acid, used in his video and later he proved it by drinking the same glass of water.

Some users from Youtube, Instagram and twitter are also encouraging their friends to give poor ratings to TikTok app on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. While demanding that the Chinese app be banned in the country. Social Media Influencers also saying to use #bantiktokinindia to show the digusting, crime against women and animal abuse to authorities, so that they can ban tiktok in india.


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