Plight of a Student of J&K


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In this particular blog, I am going to tell the hardships faced by the students of J&K due to the digital lockdown in the entire UT of J&K Since last year.

As we all know the internet is a basic necessity in student life but in today’s political scenario where there is politics going on in every sphere of life, it directly hits a common student who wants to study for a good future……

But it seems like the students  of J&K are not considered as students😢

From the past 10 months since AUGUST 5 2019, high-speed internet has been scrapped off in the so-called UT. The last time I witnessed high-speed internet on my phone was 4 AUGUST 2019. Initially, I thought that it will be restored within a week as the conditions were not conducive at that time(ABROGATION OF ARTICLE 370 IN J&K) but I had no idea that worse was about to come.

Up to MARCH 2020, there was total digital lockdown in the entire UT, not even 2G(low-speed internet network services). Just imagine the plight and mental state of a student studying in J&K and competing with the students of the Rest of India who is studying fast speed internet services. In the present scenario where everything is done online from filling up the forms to taking the mock tests online, how a student of J&K can do this on such low internet speeds.

students of j&k

I will tell you my own story. I am a UG engineering student and in the engineering, field developments take place daily, how can a student like me update himself in absence of high internet speed.

On 2G, just for downloading a 5 Mb app, it takes about 10 minutes, so then just forget about the online courses given by various platforms due to this CORONA pandemic. I myself missed out on certain good courses given by some great universities around the world because I cannot stream their lectures on such low internet speed. Various petitions were made by organizations to restore the high-speed internet but all went in vain. Even we knocked the door of honorable Supreme Court but till the present day ultimately students are the ones who had to suffer most. Not only student’s business had suffered immensely in the entire UT.

What I can say more, as I have already told u the plight of a student like me who has bravely faced all the odds and will continue to shine and rise above……



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