Tiktok vs Youtube. Who initiated this?. Trending on Twitter.


About TikTok

Tiktok is an Chinese application and a video-sharing social networking service owned by Byte Dance, a Chinese company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. TikTok is made for the purpose for entertainment and time pass. Many peoples started their career in TikTok by making short Funny, entertainment, education videos. Now, this new Tiktok vs YouTube controversy is going viral. Read it full below.

From the past few weeks, some Indian Tiktok star made a controversial statement about YouTuber and other social media influencers in different communities. After the video gone viral, many YouTuber made some videos in the opposition;to TikTok stars and about their content.

This is how TikTok vs Youtube Controvery started.


A famous YouTuber Elvish Yadav, generally made comedy videos in Harayanvi accent. He the the first who made the video against TikTok stars. Then some videos made by Tiktoker gone viral, contains cuss words and try to blaming the YouTuber for cringe content. Also, he added Youtuber has no status and Tiktok has more fame.

After some many viral videos gone wrong on Youtube. A Youtuber named Ajey Nagar who has Youtube channel named as Carryminati, known for roasting peoples and make laugh in audiences. He made the best Video slamming the Tiktok and using many cuss words and talked about their Cringe content with proof. Also, he targeted on that video is Amir Siddiqui, a so called TikTok star, went from Moscow with a graduation degree. Amir Siddiqui spent 6 years in Moscow and still don’t know any English phrase and even don’t know how to pronounce words. Cerryminati Roasted him very badly and gone Viral.


CarryMinati Youtube channel breaks all the previous record, firstly, Most liked videos in 1 hour, in 24 hours. Secondly, Fastest video in Trending section of Youtube. Thirdly, Most shared video in 24 hours. After all this, His video deleted by youtube with the warning of violating Guidelines and disturbing audience with his words.

Later on, the video got deleted on Youtube, many Memers (person who memes) with million of followers are in the support ob Carryminati. many Youtuber made vi$eos in the support of Carryminati and deleting Tiktok app and reporting the app on app store. Indian Youtuber shown their Power, what they do.

Now, peoples who are in the support of Youtuber, start reporting app and giving them 1 star rating. If you check on your app store. the rating of Titktok app kept reducing from 4.5 to less than 2.2.


if this rating kept decreasing, maybe the app got removed from play store. Comment down your review on tiktok and Youtuber. Whom u support, tiktok or Youtuber? what rating you give to tiktok app or already given. Comment below.


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